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Family, friends, and myself Family, friends, and myself
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Photo 52K Me, my father and mother, summer '98.
Photo 48K Just a picture of me outside, summer '98.
Photo 20K back in the mid summer '98 i had broken my right hand, this is a pict of me with the cast i had.
Photo 29K A picture of my brother Jason, summer '98.
Photo 75K Here is a photo taken of the cool people i worked with when i was a Games Tech. From left to right: Greg, Mike, Sean, Jeff, and myself. This picture was taken at Sean's wedding in November of '97.
Photo 56K This is another photo of the work gang but outside and plus Brian (ex locker tech) on the far left; also taken in Nov. '97.
Photo 98K This is a picture of (from left to right) my brother Jason, our dog Keeper, my Father, and me; taken late April '97.
Photo 115K A picture of my Mother and Father; taken late April '97.
Photo 43K A black and white medium format picture i took of my friend Rolando, the Magician.
Photo 56K This is a black and white self portrait that i took back in november '96 with a 4" x 5" view camera.

Pets and wildlife Pets and wildlife
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tina 20K Tina the cat when she was a kitten (and still had her tail) sitting on the floor looking up.
tina 49K A picture of mostly just her eyes peering out from some pillows on the couch.
tina 38K One of my favorite pictures of Tina; here she is inside a small paper bag looking out upside down.
tina 59K Tina on a bean bag.
tina 49K Tina curled up asleep on her cat tower.
tina 52K Tina on the cat tower awake.
keeper 48K Our family dog, Keeper. She is a German sled dog mix called Eurasuer.
bugs 14K This is a real centipede that somehow got into our house, it was pretty big, there is a quarter next to it for scale.
bugs 44K This is a big tarantula spider outside our house, quarter next to it too for scale.

Vacation trips, landscapes, places Vacation trips, landscapes, places
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Photo 44K A view of San Antonio (through tele-photo lens) from my house. Visible on the far left is the USAA building, one of the longest buildings in the world. A little to the right of USAA the Tower of the Americas is also visible.
e. rock 72K Me at Enchanted Rock State Park (in Texas), March 1998.
e. rock 123K Greg looking over the edge of a cliff, long vertical shot. (this and all shots below at Enchanted Rock were taken on Spring Break, 1996)
e. rock 82K Photo of me taking a break at E. Rock.
e. rock 75K Greg sitting in a rock seat.
e. rock 94K Long horizontal shot, skyline of an adjacent hill.
e. rock 72K Greg looking out across where we had climbed from.
e. rock 103K One of my favorite shots from this trip. Greg is looking down from above waiting for me to climb up. There are caves and crevices like this in the rock that you don't see from normal pictures outside.
e. rock 100K Greg, chillin.
e. rock 75K Just a shot of a small cliff.
e. rock 81K Some of the cracks in the rock were quite large and deep, you had to watch your step.
sky 57K The sky at sunset, the clouds look really odd, but cool here.
ren. fest 45K At the Texas Rennissance Festival, this is a picture of one of the SCA's Armor people.
ren. fest 80K Combatants fighting, both have sword and shield.
ren. fest 87K Two fighters engaged in combat, one has two swords, the other one has a pole arm weapon.
Japan *** Clicking to the left opens a different page i created for pictures from my trip to Japan

Portfolio work, artistic, night photo Portfolio work, artistic, night photo
Below are images i did for my color photography class, they are all images taken at night with no color correction. This is to capture the different colors produced by avaliable lighting at night. All of the effects you see were done at the time the picture was taken without the use of Photoshop or other computer editing.
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Night1 103K Mike (left), and Greg (right) on a playground at night.
Night2 113K Roman (left), and Greg (right) talking under IH-10 and 1604.
Night3 75K Greg laying on a bench outside, with his ghost image looking down.
Night4 52K Nightsky, source of light and dark... one of my favorite images in the series.
Night5 78K Spiraling rings created by a sparkler firework.
Night6 58K An electric looking explosion created by a time lapse of a spinning firework.
Night7 65K An image of me shooting fire (from a roman candle).
Night8 81K My brother, Jason, shooting out fire from his hand. (a complicated process, if you want to know how i did it ask).
Night9 49K Jason, and Justin on a street sign pole at night. The street lights here created a very unuique blue cast.
Night10 117K Greg (left) and Mike (right) standing under a lightpole at night. A lot of interesting colors mixed here, it's probably one of the best in the series.
Below are black and white images of portfolio work I did for a 4" x 5" view camera photography course at UTSA during fall semester of '96. Images were taken at night (as you can tell, I love night photography) useing the painting with light techniques and other "in camera" methods. Each of the prints were made from only one negative apiece, some having multiple exposeures. All of the results you see were done "on location" no Photoshop, or other computer editing was used to create any effects.
4x5-01 115K My brother, Jason, about to have a fencing duel with a clone of himself.
4x5-02 77K A picture of me surrounded by light and dark. I don't look too happy in this picture, but you have to understand, it was 38 degrees outside, 2:00am or so, and i was pretty tired!
4x5-03 123K Jason is recorded in this picture several times... I'm not going to state what is going on, because each person sees something different in it.
4x5-04 145K The UTSA campus at night in November. Far building is the Science Building, and on the right is the MS building. This image, and all others lost some detail when i scanned them, but on the original print and negatives you can clearly read the building names and see many other details due to the size of the negative.
4x5-05 89K In this picture poses Lenny, with the moon in a clouded sky behind him. As to what exactly the object is behind/in him? Well, that is something that few know of, and even fewer have figured out...
4x5-06 134K An odd picture of me, with flash lighting from below (held in my hands, just off the frame). Far from my favorite picture.. but some interesting shadows are cast.
4x5-07 100K A picture of Lenny in various stages under IH-10 and Northwest Loop 1604. Very dynamic shadows and lighting effects occur here.
4x5-08 129K This is a picture of my swingset, shot from above. I ran down there and illuminated it with a flashlight to give it a glowing edge look. My photo teacher liked this one the best out of this set.
4x5-09 100K This is a single exposure on bulb believe it or not! I used 4 flashes to light up Lenny on the 4 columns. This one is my favourite image in the set, it was taken under IH-10 and 1604.

My equipmentMy equipment
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canon 50K My old trusty Canon AE-1 Program 35mm SLR camera. It may not have all of the features of newer cameras, but it's solid and dependable. It has served me well since i bought it from my photo teacher, Mr. McNichol, back when i was a sophmore in H.S. Pictured with a Canon 35-105mm zoom lens.
nikon 34K My newer 35mm camera, a Nikon N6006. Takes great pictures, only complaint would be that i have to get a new lithium battery for it every now and then, but that's probably the same with all newer automatic winding cameras.
weapons 74K A standard wakazashi and katana. Under those is a sword i picked up at the Rennissance Festival; it has a beautiful handmade green and black dymondwood sheath. A pair of sai, some shurikan, a manrikigusai chain. Two hexagonal dark grey to black dymondwood rods, and studded nunchucks.
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