GAP4Design introduction:

This site is a bit of a relic of the past. In November 2017 I finally got around to removing Flash from the front page header, and adding a new header with a GAP4 logo I created. I don't currently do a lot of web based side projects these days since my family and job keep me pretty busy, but below is some of what is presentable that I had put up here years ago.

Old stuff:

Work History a page created to serve as an online portfolio of work experience. Warning not updated since 2009, I have held a steady job since 2010 and haven't seen the need to update it since then.

Old Flash photo gallery (NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY, I will be replacing this with something modern at some point when I have time): GAP4design Photo/Image Gallery (auto full-size to browser window, flash 9, AS3)

Some old artwork/pattern sketches in a Flash gallery I made: 1998 Black Notepad

An archived backup of a side film/video project website I made for a friend (back in 2001, Flash site): Aveneaux Films

If you wish to contact me and don't know my email, you can message me on Facebook: My Facebook profile
Later on I will add a new contact form for those wishing to contact via email.