My trip to Japan, from August 11th - August 25th, 1998.
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index 1 114K One image showing pictures 0 to 8, smaller in size than the originals (for preview) so you can decide which ones you want to see.
jp00.jpg 51K Picture of me, i'm standing in the doorway of Shimamura Sama's vacation house at Hotaka-machi. It was a very interesting log style house built for them by Canadians, but in the Japanese style. Roman is sitting in the bottom right corner of the picture.
jp01.jpg 56K Picture of me standing in front of Zenkoji Temple.
jp02.jpg 80K Me with Shimamura San's family and Mrs. Baltazar (Roman's mom) at a street leading up to Zenkoji.
jp03.jpg 69K A monk standing in the street.. i don't know what he was doing, i think he was praying and waiting for donations. He had a cool looking outfit though! (note: I have since been informed that this might be a female monk, it's hard to say though!)
jp04.jpg 50K The huge temple lantern at Asakusa.
jp05.jpg 85K A long street marketplace that leads up to Asakusa Temple.
jp06.jpg 268K A large picture of downtown Tokyo that i took from when i was up in Tokyo Tower.
jp07.jpg 46K The entrance to the Meji Jingu gardens and temple.
jp08.jpg 53K The courtyard of Meji Jingu Temple
index 2 122K same as index 1, but for pictures 9 to 16.
jp09.jpg 146K Another photo of Meji Jingu.
jp10.jpg 83K Picture showing amazing wood detail work on temple door at Meji Jingu.
jp11.jpg 35K Five story pagoda at Asakusa.
jp12.jpg 89K The Minamoto Shrine (i think) in Kamakura.
jp13.jpg 53K The Daibutsu (Great Buddha) in Kamakura. It is a 37' bronze figure that was built in 1292. It is the 2nd largest Buddha in the world.
jp14.jpg 39K A picture taken from the bridge in Asakusa, not too far from where my Hotel was. This shows a really weird looking "landmark" building with some kind of yellow thing on top of it; no one was ever able to explain to me what it was supposed to be.
jp15.jpg 67K This is the Akihabara "Electronics District" section of Tokyo, they had all kinds of amazing technology there!
jp16.jpg 50K This is looking down the stairwell of a store that was like 7 stories tall. I thought it was a small store when i first entered it, till i found the stairs and kept on going up!
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