This is the salvaged remains of an old webpage I made a long time ago, in fact, it was first created on July 31st, 1997. I had no real training on web page design at that time, so it looks quit ugly by today's standards. It had a large collection of links to pages that no longer exist, so that was removed, and it had white text on the background image which lies beyond this black box, which was quite hard to read. Nevertheless, there were some things, such as old photos and one small page talking about music that I felt like preserving, so here they are as a link back to the past.
09 FEB 2006 -Guy Parker IV

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Welcome to my homepage. This page has some info on me, some of the photographs i have taken as well as some photos of me and my friends & family, places i've been, some of my views, as well as some links that some people may find interesting.

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Some of my views..... (2/8/06 edit: it's funny, I still agree with these views, LOL)

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