Gallery - Excalibur Faire, 2nd weekend 2005

These are some photos I took at the Excalibur Fantasy Faire, held to the East of Austin, Texas. I took these Images with a Canon 20D camera with a Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L lens. If you are in one of the images here and want the large 8mp version you can contact me for that here.

Photography by Guy Parker IV, 19th of March 2005.

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IMG 2131 s IMG 2133 s IMG 2136 s IMG 2137 s IMG 2138 s IMG 2139 s IMG 2141 s
IMG 2142 s IMG 2143 s IMG 2145 s IMG 2146 s IMG 2147 s IMG 2148 s IMG 2149 s
IMG 2150 s IMG 2151 s IMG 2152 s IMG 2153 s IMG 2158 s IMG 2159 s IMG 2160 s
IMG 2162 s IMG 2163 s IMG 2165 s IMG 2167 s IMG 2168 s IMG 2169 s IMG 2170 s
IMG 2171 s IMG 2172 s IMG 2174 s IMG 2175 s IMG 2176 s IMG 2178 s IMG 2179 s
IMG 2180 s IMG 2183 s IMG 2184 s IMG 2186 s IMG 2190 s IMG 2195 s IMG 2196 s
IMG 2191p s Stitched together panorama shot inside the faire as a thunderstorm approached. (big image, opens in new window)
IMG 2199p s Another larger panorama shot leaving the faire walking back to the campgrounds. (big image, opens in new window)   
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