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GAP4Design introduction:

My name is Guy Parker IV. This site is a showcase for some of my Flash actionscript skills, design work, photography, and side projects.

News and updates:

Jan 2010: New addition to my Flash photo gallery the ability to link directly to categories and galleries! In addition to allowing for bookmarks and links, this new code also works with the browser history so when you move to a new gallery or category you can use the back button to go back to where you were. Here is an example of it in action, and a direct link to my most recent photo gallery: Exploration. new

July 2009: Work History page created to serve as an online portfolio of work experience.

November 2008: LINKS page created.

December 2007: My Flash/XML Dynamic Photo/Image Gallery project has become the main focus of my actionscript on the side, I have finished a new improved full window size version here: GAP4design Photo/Image Gallery (auto full-size to browser window, flash 9, AS3)
I'm still considering changing a few design elements and working on stamping out a few bugs that can happen if you resize it while in the middle of doing other things, but for the most part it is now functional and presentable.

The older fixed size image gallery is archived here: GAP4design Photo/Image Gallery (fixed size, older, flash 8, AS2)

Here are some regular HTML style photo galleries:
Photos taken at Texas Parkour gym training July 2007
Photos taken at Texas Renaissance Festival 2006
Photos taken at Texas Renaissance Festival 2005
Photos taken at Excalibur Fantasy Faire 2005
Photos taken at Midian Gothic / Industrial Festival 2005
Photos taken at Texas Renaissance Festival 2004

Some old artwork/pattern sketches in a Flash gallery I made: 1998 Black Notepad

09 FEB 2006: I was going through my computer and found several old web pages I had made back in the stone age (by web standards) and I decided I'll host them again. There's a few old pictures to see and bad backgrounds/color schemes to laugh at here: The archives

18 MAR 2005: The "actionscript" section on the main page now has content. So far the first 4 out of 6 buttons within the cube menu have examples to show, I may add content for the last 2 as I have time.

A side film/video project I did with friends, I also made this site (back in 2001): Aveneaux Films

If you wish to contact me, you can do so here: E-mail form