Texas Renaissance Festival

Photos by Guy Parker IV          09 October 2004

Name            Size      Description

IMG_0526_s.jpg 200k Opening ceremony and dance of the royals IMG_0527_s.jpg 207k " IMG_0528_s.jpg 160k Some crazy character argues with his friend IMG_0529_s.jpg 139k Crazed man starts attacking the dancers with a tree branch IMG_0530_s.jpg 118k Royal guards line up IMG_0531_s.jpg 163k The king makes a speach IMG_0533_s.jpg 143k Some noble man explains what he saw to the king IMG_0535_s.jpg 151k The king close up IMG_0536_s.jpg 121k Some strange masked people IMG_0537_s.jpg 136k My friend Ryan is jailed IMG_0538_s.jpg 202k Ryan in jail center, my friend Kat on the right IMG_0539_s.jpg 294k Wide shot of the jail crew with Ryan captive IMG_0541_s.jpg 158k The jailers read the list of offenses for which Ryan has been jailed IMG_0542_s.jpg 79k My friend Kat who works as a jailer at the fair IMG_0543_s.jpg 119k Me (Guy) in chain mail and leather arm guards IMG_0547_s.jpg 157k My friend Kat and I pose IMG_0548_s.jpg 184k The beginning of the parade: a barbarian and bagpipe players IMG_0550_s.jpg 141k parade: religious zealots IMG_0554_s.jpg 167k parade: a knight in armor on horseback IMG_0556_s.jpg 233k parade: villians in black leather armor IMG_0560_s.jpg 224k parade: skimpy chain mail outfits IMG_0562_s.jpg 137k parade: cat girl with chain mail IMG_0564_s.jpg 177k parade: many shops advertise with banners IMG_0565_s.jpg 203k parade: old man with "crystal sticks" IMG_0566_s.jpg 219k parade: more people and banners IMG_0567_s.jpg 210k parade: 3 men in chain and plate armor IMG_0570_s.jpg 237k parade: leather armor and chainmail armor IMG_0572_s.jpg 211k parade: faerie girls IMG_0573_s.jpg 172k parade: busty girl and woman with bottle cork outfit IMG_0575_s.jpg 77k Masked man plays some kind of bell piano IMG_0577_s.jpg 123k Lawman is about to execute a villian IMG_0578_s.jpg 153k The villian's two sidekicks look on IMG_0581_s.jpg 150k The villians are thrown in jail IMG_0582_s.jpg 178k " IMG_0583_s.jpg 173k The villians plead for release IMG_0584_s.jpg 253k The wench is escaping IMG_0585_s.jpg 173k Cool chainmail and armor IMG_0590_s.jpg 55k Noble lady for Germany IMG_0593_s.jpg 69k " IMG_0594_s.jpg 74k Noble lady for France IMG_0595_s.jpg 57k Noble lady for Spain IMG_0596_s.jpg 82k Knight of England IMG_0603_s.jpg 100k Knights duel on horseback with swords IMG_0604_s.jpg 80k Knights duel with sword and morning star IMG_0606_s.jpg 104k More horseback dueling IMG_0608_s.jpg 122k A crushing blow is landed IMG_0610_s.jpg 81k Noble ladys getting in trouble IMG_0612_s.jpg 109k A brawl breaks out amoung the knights IMG_0613_s.jpg 120k " IMG_0617_s.jpg 105k Custom sword shop