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Professional Networking Pages
Linkedin.com Guy Parker IV's public Linkedin profile

Friend's Pages
www.oinkoinkmoo.com Karen's homepage, contains her artwork, photos, etc.
www.conjourum.com Rolando's Medina's page
picasaweb.google.com/valkyrja13 Nicole's photos
www.flickr.com/photos/unbrokennarrative Elicia's photos
www.flickr.com/photos/aggieveedub Erick's photos

Adobe Flash and web design related stuff
www.krazydad.com/blog A brilliant mind, dude does crazy stuff with Flash, etc. a math wiz and inspiration.
levitated.net Jared Tarbell's work, amazing stuff. He did a lot of those experiments in Flash version 6.
www.2advanced.com Downright amazing site for this top design studio.
www.2ndnaturestudio.com Cool design studio.
www.martijndevisser.com This guy does a lot of cutting edge stuff with Flash and other related applications.
processing.org This is an open source creative tool used for tasks such as visualization of complex models.
www.shadowbox-js.com Shadowbox is a totally awesome javascript that allows you to open images and animations over your current page.

www.dpreview.com Digital photography camera reviews and news
www.fredmiranda.com Canon lens reviews
www.luminous-landscape.com More Canon lens reviews
www.neatimage.com Very good noise reduction and cleaning software for digital images

Rockbox Torrents of metal albums


San Antonio, Texas
WOAI local news Local news
San Antonio local interactive radar map

My favorite online stores
www.newegg.com Computer parts and electronics

World of Warcraft related
Infernal Gamers of Dragonmaw This is my guild in World of Warcraft.
Wowhead Game database, items, quests, NPCs, etc.
sk-gaming.com WoW Arena rankings, team composition, etc.
Recent blue posts Summary of forum posts with replys by blizzard
www.mmo-champion.com WoW general news and updates
www.arenajunkies.com WoW PvP news and updates

Misc. cool sites
www.dualscreenwallpaper.com Computer desktop wallpaper background images