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Last Updated on 09-21-99 and before that on 07-13-99
Please note: This is an archive of an old page, I won't be updating this page anymore, I just found it and decided to include it and a few other old pages as something fun to look back on.
Music... well it should be known that my taste in music have grown quite extreme... but when the "popular music" industry puts out no tallent crap bands, only aimed at selling records one has to look elsewhere for inspiration.
I love music that has a lot of thought and skill put into it.. i love complex music, and fast music. i also like original lyrics that do not repeat themselves over and over. because of this i have found myself to like stuff from the progressive field, as well as classical stuff.. but my favorite type of music these days is black metal, as well as some offshoots like epic / viking metal, interesting side projects by talented bands like Arcturus's "deception genisis", and some ambient and darkwave music.

My favourite 9 artists currently are (from Sept. 21, 1999)...

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